Salary packaging, novated leasing and financial services for your organisation.

Our salary packaging programs can be tailored to meet the requirements of all types of organisations. Currently we provide salary package programs, including novated leasing and novated leases, to hundreds of organisations nationally. Our client list includes some of Australia’s most admired organisations from the corporate, government, health and charitable sectors.

Our salary packaging service is supported by a sophisticated custom-built administration system that has to date made more than 20 million individual transactions for nearly 150,000 employees.

Combining this system with our salary packaging service and our dedicated and well-trained staff we are able to provide the highest level of service to both your organisation and your individual employees. With a growing demand for Novated Leasing from your employees, our novated lease service enables them to maximise the benefit and minimise the risk to the Employer. Our trained staff can advise your employees on how to set up their salary packages as well as provide personalised quotations for their novated leasing and novated leases.

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Novated leasing with BenefitsPlus can save you money on the purchase of your new car.

Adjust the values with the sliders to reflect your salary, car cost and kms driven to find out how much you can save.

You could save money in the first year*

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Enter your details below and Remunerator will contact you within 24 hours to discuss a novated lease to suit your requirements.


*Savings are estimates only based on a three-year lease in NSW, starting 23/11/2014 and including on-road costs.

Please contact BenefitsPlus for full details on how much you can save with a novated lease.

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